Phantom Frequencies

Felix Kubin

The recordings of this programme cannot be trusted.

They were made unintentionally or occurred without any human interaction. Some of them – like electromagnetic interferences – can be explained scientifically, others cannot. What connects all of them is their unexpected appearance. These sounds emerged from nothingness – like phantoms. They manifested on old tapes, online streaming channels, disrupted hard discs and broken studio gear, recordings played at the wrong speed or accidentally contaminated by outer signal interferences.

Sleepwalk. Foto Marie-Losier

Featuring recordings by Burkhard Friedrich, Dieb13, Diet Schütte, Dorit Chrysler, Mark Vernon, Eli Gras, Florian Bräunlich, Jenny Abouav, Jean-Marc Montera, Jérôme Noetinger, Ken Montgomery, Kiwa, Laura Maes, Marc Hollander, Mary Ocher, Meeuw, Nele Möller, Raul Keller, Richard von der Schulenburg, Scott Haggart, Victoria Keddie, Yoshino and Felix Kubin

Creator: Felix Kubin
Length: 42min
Languages: English