Antoine Läng

Musica per la radio

a series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio

Antoine Läng’s (vocals+electronics) taste for hybridization and experimentation leads him to use electronic devices as a means of voice processing to extend its range. Initiated in rock, metal or jazz bands, this process is ongoing and increasingly directed toward experimental and improvised music, in regular projects (dQtç, Léon trio, Atomic Paracelze, InsubMetaOrchestra) or solo. Fascinated by the plasticity of the human voice and the multiple roles it can play in electroacoustic and experimental music, his approach to the instrument extends to several registers – spoken, sung, noise, abstract sound textures. His improvisational work revolves mainly around the peripheral sounds and noise, leading to the production of organic and abstract textures or turning into singing, and includes some unique vocal techniques combining lyrical sophistication and brute animality.

Audio excerpt
You can listen to the full concert only when it is scheduled on a radio show