Water Tekno


In Water Tekno zozoTransistor pokes holes into water sachets that drip into buckets with contact microphones on them. The emerging polyrhythms continuously morph in rhythm and sound: once set in motion, the sound installation is a perpetuum mobile which over time changes due to loss of water pressure in the bags, change of hole size and increasing water quantity in the buckets. In the performance, zozoTransistor is in conversation with this soundscape through distortion, dance, chanting, touching and turning lights on and off. What you hear here is an audio documentation of these living incantations.

Water Tekno has developed between Switzerland and Ghana and is an ongoing project. This audio piece comes after a series of live performances in Bern and Kumasi. Next will be the Water Tekno album release on Prefer music and Water Tekno as a durational performance of one month.

zozoTransistor is interested in how magic is made and practices an art that reveals the crafting behind states of ecstasy and trance, rather than hiding it. In Water Tekno, z interacts with the substance of morphing polyrhythms as if it were a code that, through relating with it in this intense way, can give access to multi-sensorial orchestration as an epistemology.

Water Tekno
audio documentation of a live performance

performance: zozoTransistor & 3 dripping water bags
sounds: drops in buckets, contact microphones, Tascam Model 12, Boss DD 200
mixing and mastering: Ramon Bischoff, nomar.ch
In this particular recording, the three legged horses have a strong appearance. Their fourth, invisible leg holds them in a different world and when they run, they make a strange rhythm with their missing leg.

Avec le soutien de: Canton de Genève, Ernst Göhner, fsrc/srks, Swissperform, Loterie Romande