L’Oceano che mi fà respirare

Lukas de Clerck

Musica per la radio

A series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio

Lorsque la respiration circulaire se déconnecte de l’instrument, un flux d’air est créé.
Les lèvres, les dents et la langue deviennent les sculpteurs du vent.
Une pièce radiophonique sur le bruit blanc circulaire.
Sur le vent et comment il fait des vagues.
Quando la respirazione circolare si stacca dallo strumento, si crea un flusso d’aria.
Le labbra, i denti e la lingua diventano scultori del vento.
Un opera radiofonica sul rumore bianco circolare.
Sul vento e su come crea le onde.
When the circular breathing disconnects from the instrument, a flow of air is created.
The lips, teeth and tongue become sculptors of the wind.
A radiophonic piece about circular white noise About wind and how it makes waves.

Lukas De Clerck (1994°) lives and works in Brussels. As a sound artist he likes to work with recognizable , almost daily, sound production. Hereby creating an accessible playground for the listener to step in. By putting actions like gargling, sneezing and whistling in an artistic context, a bridge is made between the work and the public. It creates a tension between the extra-, and the ordinary. To emphasize this even further, the context wherein his work is showed is often the public space.

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