Les Annotations

Les annotations de l’institut de recherche sur la radio et la magie

A newspaper of the ‘Institut de Recherche sur la Radio et la Magie‘ directed by Zonoff, published twice a year and containing texts and images around questions of magic and radio. The issues are co-edited by artists who have spent time in residence at IIRRM.

The first issue is about conspiracy theories as an artistic form, about fear and how to handle it in a society that is still struggling with how to deal with text and code. One text explores the simple and at the same time very complex question of a proof of existence with logic and language.

8 pages, newspaper format. Issue 1, autumn 2021 edited by Jonathan Frigeri and Laurent Schmid. With texts by Vincenzo Latronico ‘Thruths out of thin air‘, (first published in the ‘Bulletins of the serving library’ 2014) and ‘FA15E FA15E B1155‘ by Laurent Schmid (2021)

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The second issue of the journal (this time in French) is dedicated to Gnostic currents in Switzerland and also highlights a connection between Kenneth Anger and a Thelema abbey in Appenzell that lasted for several years.

8 pages, format journal. Numéro 2, printemps 2022 édité par Jonathan Frigeri et Laurent Schmid. Avec des textes de Camilla Baumann et Giordano Rush “Gnose dans les Alpes “, et ” Kenneth Anger et l’abbaye Thelema à Stein ” d’Iris Blum (extrait traduit du chapitre ” Kenneth Anger ” du livre d’Iris Blum ” Mächtig Geheim “).

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Le numéro 3 ‘Maam Kumba Bang’ est à la fois un documentaire et un voyage sonore autour de la figure mythique de Maam Kumba Bang à Saint Louis, Sénégal. Une œuvre radiophonique et un journal résultant de la recherche de Mbaye Diop, Eric Desjeux et Jonathan Frigeri au Sénégal.

12 pages, format journal. Numéro 3, automne 2022, édité par Jonathan Frigeri et Laurent Schmid.

Order here: https://activerat.org/moon/product/the-iirrm-annotations/